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An Insiders Guide to MommyCon

By now, all you who have been following me know that I am a major MommyCon fan girl. But in case you’re new here (Heeyy!) I attended my first MommyCon event in 2015, when my son was just over 1 yr old, and I fell in love with the events! I am now in my 3rd year of being a MommyCon blogger, and MommyCon Chicago 2018 will be my 6th MommyCon event. If you want to know more about MommyCon and what goes on at their events, go read this post. But today, I am sharing something a little different. And that’s how to get the most out of your MommyCon experince.

How to Get the Most out of MommyCon

Choose your ticket type

You have to decide what kind of experience you want! MommyCon offers different ticket options for each event, and there is something for every budget! Chicago is the largest event, and this year there are many ticket options. I am going all 3 days this year, and I cannot wait! I am especially excited for the Sip n Shop!

MommyCon Chicago Ticketing Chart

If you plan on going to a different MommyCon location, there will still be different options, usually VIP, premium and general admission for the 1 day events

Plan your day in advance.

The schedule of events, with session topics and speakers, is announced a couple weeks before each event. There are usually so many options, that it can get overwhelming when you are at the event.

The first year I went to MommyCon, I spent all my time in the vendor area and didn’t hit any sessions. Now, I sit down and plan out what sessions I can’t miss, and the times, so I don’t get caught up chatting or shopping. If there are two sessions at the same time, I suggest bringing (or making one there!) a friend, and you can each go to one session and then swap notes.

This year, you will find me at the Picky Eaters, Crouching Mamas Hidden Cameras, and The Building Communities through Facebook Groups sessions. I know I’ll attend more, but those are my “cannot miss” sessions this year! You can see a full schedule, with session descriptions on the MommyCon Website

I also think it helps to plan your shopping out too! There are SO many vendors, and it is so easy to miss or forget one, if you don’t have it planned. And lots of the vendors bring exclusives, so you have to hit those shops early, if you want what they have! Even if you don’t plan on purchasing anything, be sure to stop by and say hello to your favorite brands. You can ask questions, get info on their latest product releases, touch and feel products and often they are even giving goodies away! You may even get a chance to talk to some of your favorite parenting influencers and “celebrities”

Pack a lunch and snacks

I cannot stress how much easier this will make your day. Especially if you are bringing your littles with you. There is food onsite (but it is expensive) and within walking distance. But you never know what the weather may be like, and it just takes time away. If you are bringing your littles, it is so much easier to just stay in one place. The convention center allows food, so pack a cooler! You can leave it in your car or throw it in your backpack. I promise you will thank me later!

Join the discussion group for your city

On Facebook, MommyCon has set up discussion groups for each of the cities they have events in. In these groups there are special announcements, you can ask questions, connect with other parents that are attending, and maybe even make a friend or two, to meet up with. You can join the Chicago discussion group here

Talk to people!

I know this may seem like “duh” or silly, but I know first hand how easy it can be to just stick with whatever friends you came or yourself. But one of the best parts of MommyCon are the connections and relationships that you can make.

So say hello to the mama or daddy that sits next to you in a session. Ask questions and say hi to the speakers, compliment a mama if you like her outfit or carrier. Say hi to all the smiley babies, take a selfie with your favorite brand or new friends you meet. This reminds me, you HAVE to look for the hashtag printer while you are there.

What are you most looking forward to, at MommyCon? I always love hearing your thoughts, so drop me a comment!


  1. This would be amazing to win! I’ve never been to anything like this so all of it sounds awesome, especially the picky eater session!

  2. Very nicely written. I’m so exited for MommyCon this year as well. This will be my 5th one and I still keep learning something new each time I’ve gone. All the Chicago ones plus WEAR. I’m excited to shop, sit in on Be sessions and meet many new moms !!!

  3. I’m so excited for MommyCon! The most exciting things are the vendors shopping hall and meeting up with my Internet mommy friends!

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