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Fun and Unique Gifts under $50

Unique gift ideas for under $50, with

Thanks to UncommonGoods for sponsoring this post.

I’m kind of embarrassed to admit this, but I am not the greatest at gift giving. That’s not to say that I don’t like giving gifts or spoiling the people I love. I really love gift giving, problem is when it comes to choosing the gift.

I tend to choose gifts that I think someone would like or the thing I want them to have, rather than listen to what they want. Because of this, I usually ask my husband and other family members to give me a list to choose from. And I’ve learned to just not stray from it. But that’s just not all that fun, it’s harder to surprise someone that way, and takes some of the excitement out of it.

Enter Sunny, the expert gift finder from Uncommon Goods. If you haven’t heard of  Uncommon Goods, they have some of the most fun, unique and personalized gifts. They focus on sustainability, giving back, and handmade, organic products. Check out some of the unique stocking stuffer’s  you can find on their site

Back to Sunny, she makes choosing the perfect gift so easy! Instead of having to search through tons and tons of pages of gifts, she takes all your recipients likes and interests and lets you browse them all at once. If you are still looking for gifts, you have got to give her a try. If you’re done shopping, don’t forget to bookmark her for your next birthday or anniversary.


This feature couldn’t be more perfect for someone like me, who totally gets lots in the wormhole of online shopping and “cool” stuff. Uncommon Goods has some of the most unique gifts I have ever seen! I wanted to share a few of my favorite finds with you today!


  1. Sunday Morning Candle-I love burning candles this time of year, they make my home feel so cozy!
  2. Affirmation Bracelet-You guys know how important I think affirmations are, what better reminder than wearing one?!
  3. Cleanse, Buff, Glow set- My skin gets SO dry in the winter, I would love to find this wrapped up under my tree.
  4. Farm Fresh Spa Kit-Self Care time! It can be so hard to get away, bring the spa to you!
  5. Blanket Scarf-Can’t go wrong with an over-sized scarf, its the perfect winter accessory

Need more ideas for your girlfriends? You can find more at UncommonGoods



  1. Fun Socks- My dad loves wearing fun socks, so I love these for him. Fun way to add some creativity to any business wear
  2. Fix it Kit- Perfect for any guy to keep at home, in the car, or wherever he may need it. Takes up way less pace than a tradition tool box, too.
  3. Habanero Hot Sauce set- My husband loves testing the boundaries on how much heat he can handle. These would make a great stocking stuffer for him
  4. Beard Pack- I love a good beard, and this is the perfect kit to keep your man lookin’ good
  5. Sushi Kit- This would be perfect for the sushi lover or foodie, in your life. I know my husband would love making his own rolls at home



gift guide for kids


  1. Dress Up Capes-How fun are these?! I can see my son and daughter having a blast with these
  2. Build Your Own Kaleidoscope – This is so cool! I love toys that incorporate learning #learningbyplay
  3. EcoFriendly Finger Paints-Natural Dyes Made from Fruits and Veggies and you mix them up each time, so no more wasted or dried out paint left behind.
  4. Worry Dolls-These are so cute! They “eat” your little ones worries and concerns, perfect for all ages.
  5. Sidewalk Chalk Tag Set-Customizable sidewalk art, definitely grabbing this for my son. I may have just as much fun with it!

I had the hardest time narrowing down my choices for kids. There were so many fun things! Head over to this page for more unique gift ideas for kids!

With only one week left, until Christmas I hope these guides help you wrap up your shopping, and find gifts for everyone on your list. Or maybe you’ll find something you want for yourself! Tell me in the comments below, you know I love hearing from you!




  1. Great ideas! And I love the Uncommon Goods catalog! It always helps out when I’m stuck and can’t think of ideas on my own! Thanks for sharing this list . . . especially since I have to finish shopping for something for my husband!

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