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Must Have Apps for Parents

Being a mom in the age of social media and the internet, can be such a catch 22. While on one hand, I really do love how accessible information and support is, it can also be hard seeing SO many differing opinions and ideas. And sometimes, you just don’t want to ask a question on a public space on the internet. And sure, we have moms, and grandmas, and friends, and sisters we can call on, and man I hope you are using your village as a resource.

But I also understand sometimes just wanting a quick and quiet answer to a question, or to look something up without having to explain whats all is going on. It is also amazing to be so connected to the world around us, to be able to find community events, coupons, sales, or whatever else with just a click. But again, it can be time consuming and overwhelming looking for all that stuff. So my solution to some of these problems? Phone Apps! There are so many amazing programs out there, and man, there really is an app for everything! Here is a list of the apps that I use daily, and I think every parent needs.

Must Have Apps for Parents

The Wonder Weeks

This is a must for ALL parents! Seriously, if you download no other “mommy” apps, download this one. It costs, but it so, so worth it. I didn’t even know it existed until I had Cora, and when I found out I was mad I didn’t have it the firs time around! . It tells (warns) you when your baby will be going through a developmental/growth spurt and what you can expect. I like that it goes through not only the hard things, but also what they are learning and what new skills you can look for. It is so reassuring to look at the app and know that something really is going on, and that the rough patch won’t last forever. I also love how it uses a little storm cloud and sun as rough/happy, so at a quick glance you know what is coming your way.

by St. Louis Childrens Hospital

This app is great, especially for moms like me who often turn to Dr. Google (yes, I know better). It has a symptom checker, medicine dosage charts, and a directory of emergency phone numbers. I have turned to this app so many times. When my kids aren’t feeling great, having strange symptoms or I was just curious about an illness that is going around in my area. Just a couple of weeks ago, my son had Croup (which was the worst!) and this app helped me decide if I needed to take him into the urgent care or not, late one night.

MommyMeds (for pregnant and breastfeeding moms)

This is the app built by Dr. Hale and the Infant Risk Research team. If you aren’t familiar with them, they are the leading researchers on medications and pregnancy/breastfeeding. This app will tell you if a medicine is compatible with pregnancy and/or breastfeeding, what the side effects may be, and what alternative treatments are available. I use this one almost daily as a CLC, but I find myself referring to it a lot for personal use as well.


I use this app daily. Looking up prices, Adding things to our wishlists and for Ordering all the things with our prime membership. The app has an awesome feature, you can scan any barcode and check the price on Amazon. We use the Amazon music app, for all our dance parties and bedtimes too!

Mommy Nearest

I learned about MommyNearest at a MommyCon event, when I was pregnant with my second. They are a website that helps connect moms to each other and to events, parks, and play spaces in their communities. What is amazing about this app, is that you can find and add to these in your community or when you are traveling. I loved having this app when we were on our trip to Utah this summer, because I was able to pull it up wherever we were and find a place that the kids could get out and stretch their legs. I think it would also be an awesome resource if you are moving and curious about what family friendly activities and spaces are in a certain area.

Now, I am just one mama, and could never use or know about all the great apps out there. So I reached out to some of my fellow mama bloggers for their recommendations and why they love these apps. You will see that some of their favorites were also included in my list, that just means those ones are extra good, right??!

I’ve linked to their blogs or insta profiles so you can follow along with them, if you would like too!

When ours were little bitty we used Feed Baby Pro – Baby Tracker. It synced to both mine and my husband’s phones and help track BF, bottles, diapers, and pretty much anything else you may want! Now with two toddlers, I just use Keep to throw all my lists and notes in!-Jordan @southernsweetandsassylips

We love our Sleep Pillow app and baby cloud monitor app for traveling! We love the sleep pillow app for traveling with the baby. It’s a white noise machine app that is such a lifesaver when all 5 of us sleep in the same room together. Baby Cloud Monitor app serves as a video monitor via wifi when you’re away from home and don’t want to take your baby monitor with you. It has talk back, night light and lullaby features!-Brittany @brittanyeastham

“My favorite app is the LittleNuggetCo app! I use it to track my growing bump and all my toddlers milestones!”-Kari @gracefulmommy

Vivino because wine and motherhood are synonymous.”-Michelle @moderndaymoguls

Amazon, and mainly the bar scanner features. I scan everything when I’m shopping. Heck, I scanned a Pete the Cat book at Cracker Barrel a couple of weeks ago, and got the book half the price! I also love CamelCamelCamel, eBates (momma loves free cash back!) and Retail Me Not. I always check for a coupon.”-Jennifer @andhattiemakesthree

Netflix Greys gets me through cluster feeds and the wiggles occasionally babysit my toddler”-Laura @lauraliira

Ovia they have the ovulation, pregnancy and parenting app. Evernote for my brain dump. FreePrints you get 85 free 4×6 prints each month. PrimeNow last min shopping that will deliver same day comes in handy for last min bday presents or just if I need something ASAP and can’t go with the kiddos”-Tola @alotoftola

Wal-Mart. Or whatever your local grocery store is that has online ordering and curbside pickup. I know it’s nothing terribly exciting, but it is a sanity saver with little ones!”-Brittany

PrimeNow and Instacart are popular ones where I live- formula delivered in an hour or two! Now I use it when I forget it’s my snack day. Even Costco can be delivered in three hours, amazing. And Starbucks, and Roku because my kids loose the remote control daily. Also Nest because I’m neurotic and I check our cameras when there is a babysitter here”-Marie @beautifulday_blog

“Wonder Weeks is a MUST for moms of infants!!! It helps explain the different mental leaps and growth spurts and helps you understand the signs and be prepared for the craziness that comes with those things.”- Katie @katiemcrenshaw

Sound Sleeper– it’s like a little sound machine app. They also categorize sounds by what might be best for a newborn vs a slightly older baby”-Beth @foodmarriage

“Timehop! You connect your social media, Dropbox, ICloud and you get a throwback everyday- ‘ on this las last year’ it’s so fun to see a photo from a year ago.”-Rachel

“My favs are Baby Soothe and Rain Rain for the rushing water sound – I can literally put my 4 month old in the carrier, turn the app on, tuck my phone in next to her and she’ll sleep wherever we are.”Cammeo @cammeomurray

ReSupply and they are a free app that pick up charity donations FROM YOUR DOORSTEP! Makes giving back SO easy” –Casey

Okay, now its your turn! Tell me in the comments what apps you love or use everyday.


  1. Bitmoji! A personalized emojis that add something to your communications, add some to chats with friends, or to cheer your husband up when he is having a rough day.

    And Blue letter Bible for study and research!

  2. I need the Mommy Nearest app! Whenever we are traveling I’m always scouring for play areas or kid friendly things to do. Sounds like exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  3. These are very interesting apps. You know I used apps on my phone a lot but never heard of those apps. Definitely checking this out, thank you so much for sharing.

  4. These all sound like great apps! I don’t actually have any apps on my phone and I can’t imagine even using them when my kids were younger, since I didn’t have a smart phone then. What a great thing for people with young kids, now though!

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